Marriage Requirements

Planning Your Wedding!


Congratulations on your Engagement!
We hope that your wedding planning will be full of excitment and wonderful memories. Here are a few tips on what to do next!

When getting married you have to meet two sets of requirements:
(a) the requirements of the Catholic Church
(b) the civil requirements of the state law.

Getting Married in the Catholic Church

1. Contact the Priest
This should be done at least six months before the proposed date of the wedding.

2. Book the Marriage Preparation Course
You are advised to book the Pre-Marriage Course at least six months ahead of the wedding day.

3. Obtain Required Documentation
This includes Certificates of Baptism and Confirmation, Letters of Freedom etc

4. Complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form
This normally involves a visit to your own parish priest.

5. Different Forms of Marriage Ceremony
You can choose to celebrate your Marriage Ceremony as part of a Nuptial Mass or you can choose to celebrate your Marriage Ceremony without Mass.

The Civil Requirements

Under the new Civil Registration Act couples are obliged to take full responsibility for the civil registration of their marriage.

1. Meeting the Civil Registrar
You must make an appointment to meet the Civil Registrar at least three months before the date of the wedding.

2. The Marriage Registration Form (MRF)
Without this Form you you cannot get married nor can the priest proceed with the marriage ceremony.

3. Declaration of No Civil Impediment
Pre-Marriage Courses
Accord Cavan (049) 437 5004

Cavan ACCORD Courses for 2020


28th & 29th February

27th & 28th March

25th & 26th September

23rd & 24th October

27th & 28th November (If Required)

These courses are held in the

Kilmore Diocesan Pastoral Centre
Cullies, Cavan
Tel 049 4375004

After attending the course you will be issued with a Certificate which you will then present to your priest.

Parish Priest
Rev Brian Flynn

Laragh, Stradone, Co Cavan
Ph: 049 433 0142